The imaging was incredible.  The picture was clear and you could see it layer by layer.  The only problem was the content of the picture.  We were looking at a picture of my wife’s brain tumor.  Our life of faith just hit a time of chaos.
A few months ago my wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor and it required surgery to remove the tumor from the upper part of her brain.  The surgery went well, but then they told us the results of the lab tests, cancer.  Brain cancer is not something we were expecting.
Unexpectedly is usually how chaos enters life.  That is how it came to ours.  We were living life and walking in faith and then, boom! chaos hits.  We have been in the day by day battle of radiation, chemo and too many doctor visits.  We have learned words like glioblastoma, a word I would rather not know.  Needless to say, life has been pretty chaotic lately.  Chaos is something that we all go through.  Your chaos may not be as extreme as ours or it may be worse.  However, there have been some truths about faith we have been taught that have helped us walk through this chaotic journey:

Faith Centers You

  • Faith gives us a strong place to put our hope and trust during the storms of life.  I have learned in this storm that I am not as strong as I think.
  • In trying to be strong for my wife, I have seen how weak and selfish I truly can be at times.  My faith has helped me stay centered by helping me to see that even as I am confronted by my own weaknesses, life is not about me.
  • Faith helps me see that life is about God and that he is the center of our life no matter what is happening.

Faith Brings Hope

  • As a follower of Christ, my faith is not in a religion or some feeling.  My faith is in the God of the Bible.
  • His character and nature are consistent and can be trusted.  People may ask, “Where is God when terrible things happen?”  God shows where he is during the chaos of life: right beside us.  This does not mean it is easy or that it ever will be.
  • There have been many tough conversations that I have had with God throughout this season, but I trust Him to be the one who is in control and the one who will strengthen me.  His promise is that nothing separates us from his love, not that life will always be easy.

Faith Gives Sight

  • As I have walked through the journey of brain cancer with my wife, I have learned to see the many blessings of life.  Faith helps you see how people are moved by God to help.
  • People have stepped up in many different ways.  Many people pray for us, text us, and call us.  We have been blessed by people bringing food, mowing our grass, and taking us out to eat.  We have seen people do incredible things and we know that God is working through them for us.
  • We also recognize the everyday blessings of life that too often we just take advantage of in the day to day hustle of life.  Simple things like being together as a family mean a whole lot more to us now.
Chaos comes to us all during our life, and usually it comes unexpectedly.  Although you will never know when chaos will hit, you can work now to have a faith that will help you walk through whatever unexpected chaos comes.
How is your faith?  What is your faith in?