Do you prefer Team Leadership or Self Leadership?  This thought came to me as I was listening to the new book by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy “Living Forward.”  A quote about self leadership shared by Daniel really jumped out at me.

“Self Leadership always precedes Team Leadership”

This quote has been owning me and ever since I read it I’ve been saying it just about everyday to other people and to myself.  The depth of the quote applies to every area of our lives.  We must apply
self leadership to each area of our lives or the “drift” (a great term they use) will take over.  I have no doubt that all of us would read this statement and agree with it, however while we may all read the statement and agree with it, we still may not make self leadership our first focus.  In our everyday life, we usually prefer Team Leadership.  Why do we seem to focus on Team Leadership before Self Leadership?  I think there are three main reasons.
  • Team Leadership makes us look good-vs-Self Leadership makes us be honest

    • Team Leadership makes us the hero if things go well.  We get accolades and everyone thinks we are great.  This can be a drug that is very addictive.
    • Self Leadership forces us to be honest with ourselves and our inward motivations.  Our wins usually have no applause and no bonuses.  The payoff is usually far down the line and it is hard to get motivated for it.
  • Team Leadership keeps us diverted-vs-Self Leadership keeps us focused

    • With Team Leadership you are focusing on an outward goal.  This is normal and healthy but it can be a diversion for us.  We focus on our job or our ministry because they are “important,” but we stop focusing on our own lives.
    • Self Leadership makes us look through the lens of truth into our own life and how we are doing in the really important matters: spiritual health, physical health, relational health.  These important areas are often left on the back burner while we get the “really” important stuff done.
  • Team Leadership can stay professional-vs-Self Leadership can get personal 

    • Team Leadership is usually in a professional environment where emotions are not a big part of the mix, or if they are they are very guarded.  We feel more comfortable in these environments because usually no one enters our personal emotional space.
    • Self Leadership causes us to dig down into our own well of emotions.  This is not always easy or fun.  Many of us have hurts and pain that we do not want to feel again.  The problem is that if we do not deal with those emotions, they will cause havoc in our life and in our family.  The old saying is true, “Hurt people, hurt people.”
What about you?
  • Do you prioritize team leadership over self leadership?
  • If you do, why?  Answer that questions and you will start down the road of self leadership.

I highly recommend the book, Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want

by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy!