“Why are we here?”  Have you ever thought about that question?  Are you here to pay off loans and mow your grass?  Are you here to let Netflix entertain you all the time?  Everyone wants to have a purpose and everyone does, but finding it and intentionally living it is hard.  The reality that we have to connect with is that we are all unique.  Unique does not mean weird, although some may fit that category.  Unique is defined as, “Being the only one of it’s kind.” We are all unique and our uniqueness gives us the ability to make a difference in a way that is different from everyone else.  

Being unique while juggling all that life and ministry has to offer can be tough.  Sometimes we wonder, “Am I really making an impact, or am I just surviving?”   The pressure of conformity and the power of our own insecurity can cause us to dismiss our ability to impact others.  Impact living is taking the uniqueness we have and using it to make a difference in the everyday world we live and minister in.   We are not here by accident and our greatest purposes are often found in the everyday moments of life.  To start living and ministering with impact we have to start with two decisions:

1. Learn You

To truly make an impact in how we live, we must take the time to be students of ourselves.  This does not mean we sit in front of a mirror and stare at ourselves, too many of us do that anyway.  We should take the time to reflect and ask ourselves the why questions:

  • Why are we the way we are?
  • Are we ok with how we act and how we treat others?
  • How are we treating our family or the people we care about in our lives?
  • Is our ministry about serving others or serving self?

To answer these questions, we must unplug from the digital and frantic world around and take the time to focus inward.  The best tool to focus inward is our time with God.  James says the Bible is like a mirror that shows a reflection of ourselves.  As we look into the Word and let the Holy Spirit speak to us, we will really begin to learn ourselves.  However looking into the mirror takes time and focus.  How much time and focus do you give your personal time with God?

2. Live Intentional

Some people struggle to get up in the morning to go to work, because they hate their job, but they will get up early on a Saturday because they love golf. When we have a purpose to our life we are infused with energy for the everyday.  Each day may not turn out like we planned, but we can have the energy and drive to face each day as they come.

Living with a purpose does not happen by accident.  If we want to have a purpose, we must be intentional about living with one.  Athletes do not accidentally make it to the pros, they do it because they were intentional about their purpose.  What is your purpose?  Why do you get up every morning?  Answer that question and you will be amazed at the life you can live.


Questions: Do you only feel like you are really making an impact if you are busy? Is that healthy?  What is one area you know you need to change to start making a real impact with your family?